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Organized by Ververica, the original creators of Apache Flink®, Flink Forward is THE conference dedicated to Flink and stream processing communities.

You can now watch every available session from Flink Forward Seattle 2023 on-demand.

All videos are organized by track. Access each keynote and breakout session by clicking “start,” or navigate to a specific session by clicking on the track under “learning topics”. 

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List of content
    About Flink Forward
    1. Background

    2. Flink Forward Sponsorship

    3. Flink Forward 2024
  1. Flink Forward Opening Keynotes
    1. Quo Vadis Stream Processing? Dude, where is this streaming to?

    2. Flink Unveiled - Journeying from DataStream to Streamhouse

    3. The Vision and Practice of Stream and Batch Unification - LinkedIn's Story

    4. Riding the Streams: Powering Stream Processing at Cash App with Ververica
  2. Ecosystem Breakout Track Sessions
    1. Apache Flink + Paimon: CDC Data Into the Lake in Near Real-time

    2. Building Scalable Data Lakehouse Integrations with Flink

    3. Stream Processing in AWS by Example

    4. Connectors 101: Let’s Explore the Connector Ecosystem!

    5. Squirrelling on Azure with Flink & Kubernetes

    6. Disaggregated State Management in Apache Flink 2.0

    7. Debezium Snapshots Revisited!

    8. Building a Scalable SQL-Based Streaming Analytics Platform with Apache Flink, Kafka, dbt
  3. Industry Breakout Track Sessions - Finance and Banking
    1. Flink Change Safety: A Multi-Layered Approach

    2. Enhancing Flink Streaming Applications: Synchronous API for Financial Risk Mitigation

    3. Model Inference in Flink SQL Using a Custom HTTP Connector

    4. Storm to Flink: Migrating Latency Sensitive Real-Time Streaming Applications with Zero Downtime

    5. Multi-Year Experience in Exactly-Once Stream Processing in Apache Flink with Kafka

    6. State of Scala API in Apache Flink

    7. Finetuning checkpoint setup to achieve low end-to-end latency for a job with large state

    8. Flink and Kafka: Powering Market Trade Aggregation at Schonfeld

    9. From 0 to 100,000 in .5 seconds - Optimizing Apache Flink Applications to Run Faster
  4. Operations Breakout Track Sessions
    1. Apache Flink Memory Model Explained

    2. Apache Flink 2.0 Preview

    3. Kubernetes-like Reconciliation Protocol for Managed Flink Services

    4. Unifying the Power of Real-Time: Building an Integrated Data Streaming Platform with Apache Pulsar and Apache Flink

    5. On a Mission of Improving the Apache Calcite and Apache Flink Integration

    6. An Introduction to Stream-Batch Unified Operator and Coordinated Mini-Batch

    7. Exactly-Once Semantics Revisited: Distributed Transactions Across Flink and Kafka

    8. Tuning Flink Clusters for Stability and Efficiency
  5. Technology Breakout Track Sessions
    1. Improvements for Flink Batch Job Execution

    2. (Periodically) Make The Most Out Of Your Task Slots!

    3. Implementing and Validating an Exactly-Once File Sink in Azure

    4. Flink SQL: The Challenges of Implementing a Modern Streaming SQL Engine

    5. Flink’s Pluggable Failure Handling: Deal with Streaming Errors the Smart Way!

    6. Nuts and Bolts: Troubleshoot Your Apache Flink Performance Bottlenecks

    7. Consistently Hashing it Out: Embracing Fresher, Faster Data with the Hudi-Flink Support for the Bucket Index

    8. Powering Stateful Applications with Managed Flink SQL Platform at LinkedIn
  6. Use Cases Breakout Track Sessions
    1. Flink Alert Processing to Address Alert Fatigue in Cybersecurity

    2. Real-Time Machine Learning at Scale with Flink at Lyft

    3. Flink for All: Scaling Event-Driven Benefits Across the Business

    4. Protecting Reddit Users at Scale with Flink Stateful Functions

    5. BitSail - High Performance Open Source Data Transfer Framework at ByteDance

    6. Next Generation DB Ingestion at Pinterest

    7. Real-Time Marketing Segmentation and Product Journey Computation at “Business Scale”

    8. Real-Time Metrics Platform Leveraging Flink SQL At DoorDash
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