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[eBook] Stream Processing: Hands-on with Apache Flink®
Author Giannis Polyzos
[eBook] Stream Processing: Hands-on with Apache Flink®

Get your free copy of StreamingLedger’s Stream Processing: Hands On With Apache Flink. 

Ververica is excited to share Stream Processing: Hands On with Apache FlinkⓇ  from author Giannis Polyzos.

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A message from the author:

Welcome to this journey in the land of streams…. 

Before we start, I want to quickly say that I hope this book helps you get an in-depth understanding of how to use Apache Flink and prepares you for shipping Flink applications into production. 

You can expect to learn: 

  • Introduction to Apache Flink 
  • Foundations of Flink SQL
  • Computation Over Unbounded Data Streams
  • Dynamic Table Joins
  • User Defined Functions
  • The Datastream API
  • Fault Tolerance and Checkpoints
  • State Backends
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting 

Thanks and enjoy! 





All the code examples can be found on GitHub here.


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